Speakers 2012

Keynote Speaker:

Joe Stump

Photo: Erica Hampton

Joe Stump is a seasoned technical leader and serial entrepreneur who has cofounded three venture-backed startups (SimpleGeo, attachments.me, and Sprint.ly), was Lead Architect of Digg, and has invested in and advised dozens of companies.

He is passionate about development processes, iterative product development, and building scalable web infrastructure. He’s worked on small systems with fledgling startups and massive process and technical changes at multinational corporations.

“Joe has incredible gut instinct to match his technical skills. He’s a creative animal trapped in a technical body, and this is the stuff from which entrepreneurs are made.” –Jay Adelson, 2008 Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the World

Joe has authored pieces for O’Reilly’s ONLAMP.com and has spoken at Web 2.0 Expo, Future of Web Apps, Future of Web Design, Kings of Code, The Next Web, Q-Con, SXSW, MySQL Conference, DjangoCon, and PHP-Con, to name a few.

Joe has a BA in Computer Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University.

Twitter: @joestump
Blog: http://stu.mp/

Sheehan Alam

Sheehan Alam is a developer and Co-Founder of Tappforce, a software company that builds amazing iOS & Android apps for startups. His work has been featured in Apple stores worldwide, Time Square, iTunes App of the Week and has secured over $10MM in investment from two of the worlds top technology CEO’s.

Twitter: @syalam
Web: http://www.syalam.com

Michael Collins

Michael Collins is a Product Architect for Neudesic and is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael has been working as a professional software developer since 1994. Before becoming a consultant in 2005, Michael developed consumer and business applications for companies including Healthcare Information Services, PeopleSoft, NONSTOP Solutions, and Kaiser. As a software development consultant, Michael has specialized in creating custom software solutions for customers in the Phoenix metropolitan region and has served as Practice Director for Neudesic’s Custom Application Development consulting practice. Michael currently builds software applications for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, and the web. In his free time, Michael contributes to the local community as a speaker at user groups and Desert Code Camp.

Twitter: @mfcollins3
Blog: http://mfcollins3.github.com/

Jiva DeVoe

Jiva is an author, blogger, and software developer with nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry. His first computer was a Commodore VIC-20, on which he learned BASIC and assembly language. From there, he gradually worked his way through C, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, and finally Objective-C.

Over the years, he’s shown himself to be a proven innovator by always being on the bleeding edge of diverse new technologies. In the early 90s, he worked as a founding member, and lead developer for the Diaspar Network, an early virtual community which pioneered online commerce. Later, he worked in mobile application development on early wireless handheld computers, and was co-inventor of dynamic route selection software designed to be used by Tier 1 Internet bandwidth providers.

Today, he works primarily with Objective-C, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, developing applications for the iPhone and Mac OS X.

Twitter: @JivaDeVoe
Web: http://www.random-ideas.net/

Joshua DeWalt

Joshua has been a software engineer for 12 years, with the last 7 focused in the financial services sector. Prior to that work, he developed a passion for teaching as an Information Security instructor.

His current focus in mobile is supporting the development of Android and Windows Phone applications. Joshua enjoys teaching development practices, building mobile experiences, camping, and Michigan football.

Web: http://about.me/joshuadewalt

Donn Felker

Donn is a software entrepreneur who’s interests and passion lie in solving real world problems through software. He has over 11 years of professional experience in various markets, including entertainment, health, retail, insurance, financial and real estate.

Donn is the author of the best-selling “Android Application Development for Dummies,” “Android Tablet Application Development” and the “Introduction to Android Development” video series on TekPub.com. He is an Android seeding developer awardee as well as an accomplished application author with over 3.2 million installs in the Android Market. He is also a Microsoft ASP Insider, an MCTS in Web Client Development for .NET and is a certified ScrumMaster.

Donn presents (AnDevCon II and AnDevCon III) and consults on various topics ranging from architecture, development in general, agile practices and patterns and of course, mobile.

Twitter: @donnfelker
Blog: http://blog.donnfelker.com
Google Plus: http://gplus.to/donnfelker
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/donnfelker

Tim Mackenzie

Tim escaped the cubicle after a decade of software engineering at large companies to form a business focused on Android app development and research. He is passionate about simplifying complex problems as well as making life easier through reducing unnecessary work.

Tracking all of the available app stores, market browsers, review sites, testing services, and development platforms is more work than small developers can typically support. To mitigate this gap in available information, Tim has put extensive effort into researching and testing different Android app stores as well as ad networks to measure real-world performance against the claims and hype.

Tim teaches others how to get started in their Android app development and income efforts through his blog at ProjectJourneyman.com as well as through several books on the subject. He has also participated as a panelist at the Fireside Chat at AnDevCon II and a speaker at AnDevCon III.

Twitter: @PrjJourneyman
Blog: http://www.ProjectJourneyman.com

Graham McBain

Grahams passion for photography and video combined with his mobile interests in OWLE (Now Phocus.) He believes that the best products are the ones that touch the most people.

Twitter: @grahammcbain
Blog: http://grahammcbain.com/

Larry McDonough

Larry is a Platform Evangelist / Developer Champion at Research In Motion with a particular focus on developer APIs and runtimes (WebWorks/HTML5, Native C/C++, and Android Player/Java). Larry has worked for numerous companies in Silicon Valley and LA including Nasa JPL, Walt Disney Studios, Silicon Graphics, and numerous startups. Prior to joining RIM, Larry worked for Sun Microsystems as Senior PM for Java ME and also as Group Engineering Manager for the JavaFX Graphics & Animation and Media teams. Larry lives in Silicon Valley and works out of RIM’s Mountain View, CA location.

Larry speaks to groups of mobile app developers and extol the virtues of developing apps for BlackBerry –not the least of which is that you can make more money on BB than you can on iOS and Android!

Twitter: @lmcdunna

Joe Michels

Joe entered the software industry in 1984 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. His experience includes software developer, manager and entrepreneur. Joe has developed software for systems ranging from mainframe systems (the original Mac Plus), Windows systems, to iPhone and Mac OS X platforms. He has used his extensive software development management experience to lead successful development teams for over 10 years. Working for companies such as Motorola, and JDA Software in Scottsdale, Arizona, he held the title of Associate Director of Software Development before leaving to start Software Ops LLC.

Joe Founded Software Ops in 2008 with the vision to create software for Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. He was featured in an Arizona Republic article discussing how he started Software Ops. The company specializes in developing software for sale in the iTunes App Store as well as for itself and other businesses.

Joe has a keen understanding of the impact of the iPhone on the mobile market, and has used this knowledge to build a profitable business by creating exceptional applications for the iOS market.

Twitter: @joemichels

Anjali Nennelli

Anjali is a Mobile Architect and Developer with versatile experience in iOS, Android and WP7. With over a decade of experience in Software Engineering, she has been primarily focused in Mobile since the early days of iOS and Android. She has led teams and is closely involved with the success of various mobile apps.

Twitter: @anjalisa

Lou Picinich

Lou Picinich founded SystemXperts to develop business solutions for small and mid-sized businesses utilizing iOS devices. Prior to founding SystemXperts, Mr. Picinich provided independent consulting services (Software/System Architect) to Silicon Valley high-tech companies in the design, development, implementation, and operation of one-of-a-kind systems.

Mr. Picinich is a member of the Apple Consultants Network with ACSP 10.5/10.6, ACTC 10.5/10.6, ACS 10.6 – Security & Mobility, and Mobility Technical Competency certifications, and a member of Apple’s iOS Developers Network. Mr. Picinich has a BSES from Long Island University and an MBA from San Jose State University.

Website: http://www.SystemXperts.com

Dylan Schiemann

As CEO of SitePen, co-founder of the Dojo Toolkit, and president of the Dojo Foundation, Dylan has worked tirelessly to promote and nurture the open web. With Dylan at its helm, SitePen has grown to be recognized as the leading provider of web development and consulting services offered by an unsurpassed team of software engineers, designers, and consultants. Dylan is an expert in the technologies and opportunities of the Open Web and his commitment to R&D has enabled SitePen to be a major contributor to pioneering open source web development toolkits and frameworks like Dojo, cometD, and Persevere. Dylan earned his Masters in Physical Chemistry from UCLA and his B.A. in Mathematics and Chemistry from Whittier College.

Twitter: @dylans
Web: http://dylanschiemann.com/

Kris Wagner

Kris Wagner is the marketing director at Trimble Outdoors, the developer of GPS mobile apps (Trimble Outdoors, AllSport GPS, Cabela’s Recon Hunt, Backpacker GPS Trails) for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts.

For the past 12 years, Kris has managed dozens of online, print, and mobile projects. His work has garnered more than 20 industry awards, including the highest honor in the magazine industry, a National Magazine Award in both 2008 and 2009 for digital projects he orchestrated for BACKPACKER and BICYCLING magazines.

Twitter: @Kriswagner

Michael Wolfson

Mike is a passionate mobile designer/developer working out of Phoenix, AZ. He has been working in the software field for over 15 years, and with Android since it’s introduction. He has a few successful apps in the Market, and is an active contributor to the tech community, including organizing the local GTUG.

Mike has spoken about Android and mobile development at a variety of national conferences (AnDevCon II and AnDevCon III) and user groups. When he is not geeking out about phones, he enjoys the outdoors (snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving), collecting PEZ dispensers, and chasing his young (but quick) daughter.

Twitter: @mikewolfson