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Registration: 8.00am – 8.45am
8.45 am Keynote by Marc Chesley on “The miracle of mobile, the great enabler”
10 am Do you need app “Do Over” Leveraging iOS Tools to Automate Your Job Defining Privacy in the Era of the Internet of Things
11 am Intel® INDE and Intel® XDK – Cross-Platform App Development Tools Starting and Growing a Consulting/Freelancing Career A day in my life in 2015 – how smartphones (with sensors and big-data) are affecting our lives

Lunch Sponsored by SoftwareOps: 12pm – 1pm

1 pm iOS 8 App Extensions Getting started with Fire phone The Rise of Citizen Developers in building Enterprise Mobile Apps
2 pm Material Design Basics How to Reach Six Billion Devices with Six Lines of Code Xamarin 3.0: Creating a unified UI codebase in iOS, Android and Windows Phone
3 pm An Enterprise perspective on Apple’s newest programming language – Swift Developing Universal Apps with JavaScript Enriching the Human Experience
4 pm Is the world ready for SkyNet? Developing applications for Android Wear Mobile Development with PhoneGap


Raffle Giveaway: 5pm
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The miracle of mobile, the great enabler

Speaker: Marc Chesley

Mobile technology is accelerating economic growth while enhancing the lives of millions of people across the globe. Mobile is providing relief during disasters, it is lifting communities in underprivileged populations, and it’s creating connections that weren’t possible decades ago. Mobile is truly a miracle worker.

It’s also having an impact on entrepreneurship and small business. Mobile has lowered the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs, who can now pursue their passions and create successful businesses leveraging technology. We’re also seeing a new type of entrepreneur emerge from mobile technology—the developer. Today’s developer has a responsibility and the opportunity to change the world through mobile innovation.

In this presentation, Marc Chesley, Infusionsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, will share personal stories of how mobile technology is changing the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs. He’ll also share a case study of how Infusionsoft made the shift from a product company to a mobile first platform and the lessons and challenges that came with this transition.

Attendees will learn:

· Mobile has created a new kind of entrepreneur—the developer. Marc will talk about the responsibility and opportunity developers have to change the world through innovation.

· Mobile is not a race…you still have time. Infusionsoft and so many other kinds of software were not built mobile first. Marc will share how we have adapted our strategy to become a mobile platform.

· People don’t want your product, they want a benefit. Marc will share strategies for delivering mobile products people really need and use.

Do you need app “Do Over”

Speaker: Joe Michels

The App Store is filled with low rated apps from some of the largest brands in the world. If your business has one of these unimpressive apps then it is time to execute an “app do over”. Big brand apps are expected to provide value and engagement to their customers, they are expected to adopt the specific user experience of the platform, and are expected to be kept up-to-date with the latest features of the platform for which they are built.

If you are a business owner, CEO, CMO, or brand manager learn what it takes to create a mobile app platform for your brand that bring value, importance, utility and worth to your customers.

Leveraging iOS Tools to Automate Your Job

Speaker: Sheehan Alam

Sheehan will be sharing tools and best practices on how to scale your codebase and app delivery model as your company grows.

Defining Privacy in the Era of the Internet of Things

Speaker: Adam D.H. Grant

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the continuous and rapid growth of mobile apps industry has generated an unprecedented amount of collectable data, far more than we have ever seen before. Information about a person’s identity, medical history, finances, location, health regimen, social media use, and a lot more may now be easily collected through an estimated 13 billion internet connected devices as of 2013. By the year 2020, Cisco estimates that there will be 50 billion IoT devices in use, while according to Merrill Lynch that number will be closer to 75 billion.

With IoT’s unprecedented proliferation and our seemingly unquenchable thirst for mobile apps, how will privacy be defined and regulated? Which laws currently govern these segments of technology? What government agencies have outlined specific guidelines to regulate the data derived from IoT devices? How can app developers and device manufacturers best handle privacy policy disclosures in the age of IoT? And what does all this data mean and how can it be collected legally? Adam Grant will answer all these and more in his in depth presentation.

Intel® INDE and Intel® XDK – Cross-Platform App Development Tools

Speaker: Ashok Emani & Whitney Foster

Take your application development to the next level using the Intel® INDE and Intel® XDK tools. Intel® INDE provides a solid foundation of cross platform tools to quickly & easily create applications targeting Android* and Windows* devices with native performance, outstanding battery-life, and exposure to unique platform capabilities. Intel® XDK provides a complete solution for taking your mobile apps cross platform using HTML5 and modern web standards. This session will provide you an overview, highlight usage scenarios, and demonstrate the tools. You could also be one of the few lucky attendees to win, via raffle, your very own Intel based device.

iOS 8 App Extensions

Speaker: Chris Wagner

Come learn about what is arguably the biggest feature in iOS 8, App Extensions. We will take a look into widgets, sharing, action, photo editing, document storage and custom keyboard extensions. This talk will be a high level overview of how extensions work, what they are capable of, what they aren’t and how to get started building them. There will also be time left over for Q&A, so bring any questions you might have. With an expected release timeframe of mid-September for iOS 8 this should make for an exciting and possibly dynamic session.

A day in my life in 2015 – how smartphones (with sensors and big-data) are affecting our lives

Speaker: Hari Gottipati

Description: Smartphones are allowing developers to develop applications in a way those are going to improve our daily lives more than ever. Smartphones can read the data from sensors, beacons, smart jackets, activity trackers, health monitors, medical devices that are part of our daily life. Smartphones control and tracks you, your family, home, commute, travel, activities, sleep, calories, glucose levels, heart rate, metabolism, perspiration etc. With the help of big-data analysis this data is going to create many wonders and turn your smartphones into a magical device. Some apps can even diagnose serious illness from the captured data. This talk covers all these topics by walking through a day in 2015.

Getting started with Fire phone

Speaker: Mike Hines

Amazon Fire Phone helps users bridge the gap between their digital world and their digital world better than ever, and your app can play the key role in this bridge. Your app can leverage Firefly, which lets your app interact with the objects the user sees and Active Widgets which surface critical information from your app to the user without the user needing to open your app. And all of this can be surfaced with Dynamic Perspective, the technology that enables rich interactions not previously possible. This session will give you an introduction to Fire TV, cover the built-in services, and show you how to get set up to develop for Fire TV.

Material Design Basics

Speaker: Mike Wolfson

In this session I will describe:
– What ‘Material’ is
– Usage of motion and animations
– New Components (buttons, menu’s, sliders, etc)
– View layouts (using elevation and grid metrics)
– Style (colors, icons, typography)
– Developing for Android
– Developing for the Web

How to Reach Six Billion Devices with Six Lines of Code

Speaker: Greg Baugues

The easiest way for your app to reach every mobile phone in the world is through SMS and voice calls. We’ll do some live coding to show you how to build an app in five minutes that can send and receive text messages and place and receive phone calls using Twilio. We’ll talk about when SMS makes sense and when it doesn’t, and we’ll show some exciting use cases, such as how the Polaris Project uses SMS to fight human trafficking, how the open source Rapid Response kits empowers first responders to deploy ad hoc communications in times of crisis, and how AirBnB provides anonymous communication between guests and hosts.

Xamarin 3.0: Creating a unified UI codebase in iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Speaker: Les Brown

This presentation will discuss how to leverage .Net C# skills to create iOS, Android & Windows Phone applications using a common codebase and IDE. The presentation will introduce plugins for Visual Studio, a separate IDE called Xamarin Studio and demonstrate the creation a of simple application that consume REST services.

Developing Universal Apps with JavaScript

Speaker: Michael Palermo

Mobile developers will love how easy it is to utilize the power of javascript to create an app that easily targets multiple device types. By building ‘universal apps’ in Visual Studio, you can create a shared repository of code and resources that allows deployment of app to both phone and Windows devices. This session will walk through the steps needed to get started, and will compare this approach with other options such as Xamarin and PhoneGap.

Starting and Growing a Consulting/Freelancing Career

Speaker: Donn Felker

You’ve worked with consultants and you have friends that consult or freelance on a full time basis. The thought of “going out on your own” looks very intriguing, so much so that you you continually think about it. The pay looks great and the freedom looks better but the only thing is … you don’t know how to start and it seems risky.

There are many unanswered questions to the likes of: “How much do I bill? Where do I find clients? How do I keep clients? Do I need a contract? Do I need a lawyer? OMG, I don’t want god die, WHAT ABOUT HEALTH INSURANCE?” (and many many more). In this session I’ll show you how I’ve calmed my fears, answered all those same questions as well as kept my client pipeline full of interesting and intriguing work for the last six years (yes, even through the recession).

I’ll discuss how you can stay on top of your industry as a leader to ensure you’re never in a famine scenario, but I’ll also discuss how to plan for a consulting famine as well. I’ll also talk about working on site vs working remote. We’ll wrap up with tips and tricks to stay effective in a remote work environment while consulting. Please bring your questions, this is a very interactive presentation and discussion. When you leave I hope this presentation will have provided you with the confidence needed to take the next step to achieving your dreams.

An Enterprise perspective on Apple’s newest programming language – Swift

Speaker: Michael Luttrell

Quick Swift – A Hyper Introduction to Apple’s New Programming Language. This presentation will rush you through as much of the Swift language as is possible in 60 minutes and help you create your first Swift app!

If you can’t wait to learn about Swift and want to read ahead by download the free iBook form here

Developing applications for Android Wear

Speaker: Anjali Nennelli

An introduction of the new Android Wear and create your first Wearable app!

Enriching the Human Experience

Speaker: Michael J. Smith

The importance user experience in mobile as we move from the information-centric era, to the experience-centric era.

We, as a society, are about to witness a massive shift in technology. From humans forced to accommodate technology, to technology being an ambient intelligence that adapts and conforms to our experiences while remaining nearly undetectable. We are at the precipice of a major paradigm shift in our industry and as designers, developers and founders of mobile software it has never been more important to focus and prioritize user experience. In this talk I will cover:

1) An overview of the current state of the market
2) A preview of where the market is going
3) An in-depth analysis of mobile’s role in this new ‘connected’ world (IoT)
4) Techniques on how to change to an ‘experience first’ mindset.

Is the world ready for SkyNet?

Speaker: Chris Matthieu

There will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. Every smart device vendor has an app. If you’re lucky, the vendor also offers an API. This is good for developers but what about for consumers? Consumers want their devices to communicate with each other and control everything from 1 app (or with their voice or automatically based on events or location). Do we really want to manage all of these devices? Are we ready for devices to make their own devisions via artificial intelligence? What if there were a SkyNet operating system that allowed devices to automatically connect to a mesh network and become aware of other devices and communicate with them as needed? What if SkyNet could deliver the promise of true automation and convenience? Meet Octoblu (formerly

The Rise of Citizen Developers in building Enterprise Mobile Apps

Speaker: Vaidy Iyer

A citizen developer is someone who is tech-savvy, understands and uses technology on an everyday basis but is not a developer by profession. The latest trend in mobile app technologies is making it easier and easier for non-professional developers to build and deploy mobile apps. Come and learn how you can develop and deploy enterprise mobile apps, with all the backend system integration and security an enterprise needs, in minutes and hours with the appsFreedom Platform, all without writing a single line of code.

Mobile Development with PhoneGap

Speaker: Joshua Johnson

If you have a great idea for a mobile application, chances are you will have to build a team or outsource the work in order to develop for all the different platforms (iOS, Android and Windows to name a few). The learning curve for all these different technologies can be daunting. What if there was a way you could build one solution that you could distribute across each mobile platform?

This is where Phonegap comes in to play. Phonegap allows you to build a single web application using good old HTML, CSS and Javascript and deploy to all the mobile platforms easily. With the growth of javascript web frameworks such as Angular, Ember, Backbone and Knockout, it is getting easier and easier to utilize the power of Phonegap and achieve the same result as you would with native development.

Many people may think that you can’t achieve the same look and feel of a native application with Phonegap but I will show you some tips and tricks that I learned developing my own application.