Session Room 101 Room 102 Room 103
Registration: 8.00am – 8.45am
8.45 am Keynote by Justin Tacy on “T-Mobile: Driving Business Growth Through Disrupting The Status Quo”
10 am Intro to Android Studio iOS In-App Purchase Mobile Privacy: How Federal and California Laws Impact Developers
11 am Building Secure Apps Oracle’s Mobility Architecture and Development Framework Mobile Analytics – Tools of Trade to Predict the Future

Lunch Sponsored by Oracle: 12pm – 1pm

1 pm Thinking Mobile First Developing Apps for Microsoft Devices Mobile and Big Data: Dealing with the data deluge
2 pm Wasabi Sync for iOS: Core Data Cloud Syncing Done Right NFC Mobile Payments Blackberry: Maximizing Your Mobile App Profits
3 pm Scalable Mobile Notifications Architecture – Challenges and Opportunities From Google Play to Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore – Kindle Raffle! Bluetooth 4.0 – Protocol and Opportunities for iOS and Android Developers
4 pm Google Glass: Fact and Fiction from a Zealot
Raffle Giveaway: 5pm (iPad Mini, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, Smartphone)
Networking at Gallaghers Sports Grill : Food/Beer Sponsored by Phoenix Mobile Meetup!! : 3220 E. Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (NE Corner of 32nd St. & Baseline)

Introduction to Android Studio

Speaker: Donn Felker

Android Studio is the new IDE that has been built in conjunction with Jet Brains and Google. Base on IntelliJ, Android Studio offers a slew of great features and improvements over Eclipse. In this session you’ll be introduced to Android Studio. We’ll cover new projects, importing an existing project, working with Gradle and Maven. We’ll also look at a bunch of various Keyboard shortcuts that will teach you how to be productive in Android Studio.

Mobile App Privacy: How Federal and California Laws Impact Developers

Speaker: Adam H Grant

Do mobile app developers really need to be concerned with privacy notices and the law? Does California’s Online Protection Policy apply to a developer in Phoenix? If an app is not primarily directed at children, does the Federal Child Online Protection Policy apply? What is the Apps Act of 2013 and how does it impact developers? How severe are the penalties for deficient privacy policies? All these and more will be answered when you attend at Adam Grant’s presentation.

Mobile Analytics Tools of trade to predict the future

Speaker: Lenin Gali

Multi TB mobile game and app data is challenging to process. Its a daunting task when you run into data quality issues and incorrect implementation. It is utterly difficult to do anything when you choose a wrong tool for the trade. In this session we delve into several tools, processes and importance of data quality and automation of testing.

Thinking Mobile First

Speaker: Chris Matthieu

Mobile First means designing an online experience for mobile before designing it for the desktop Web—or any other device. In the past, when users’ focus was on the desktop Web, mobile design was an afterthought. But today, more people are using their mobile devices for online shopping and social networking than ever before, and most companies are designing for mobile. Mobile first requires a new approach to planning, UX design, and development that puts handheld devices at the forefront of both strategy and implementation. The digital landscape has changed, and companies have realized that consumers are now accessing more content on their mobile devices than anywhere else.

We’ll cover the following points of interest:

1. Mobile design principles
2. Shift to DevOps
3. Mobile speed
4. Turning users into believers
5. Free the data
6. Mobilize every developer
7. WYSIWYG development

Join the mobile app revolution!

NFC Mobile Payments

Speaker: Manoj T. Pillai

  • Overview of near field communication (NFC)
  • Using NFC for mobile payments
  • Components of the NFC ecosystem
  • NFC payments industry standards and specifications
  • Implementing NFC payments
  • and more

    Scalable Mobile Notifications Architecture – Challenges and Opportunities

    Speaker: Manish Upendran

    There are a numerous challenges to building scalable and deployable mobile online education services. For instance there are strict SLAs with respect to privacy, student participation, delivery of message notifications in a timely manner , device management etc. This talk will focus on some of these challenges and steps taken to resolve them.

    From Google Play to Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore

    Speaker: Mike Hines

  • What is a Kindle Fire? How does the App Store work?
  • What is different between the Amazon Appstore and Google Play?
  • What is the difference between a Kindle Fire and a Nexus tablet?
  • Easy steps to add your APK to the Amazon Appstore.

    Wasabi Sync for iOS: Core Data Cloud Syncing Done Right

    Speaker: Jiva DeVoe

    Wasabi Sync delivers on the promise of record-based synchronization of Core Data based applications. Using the Wasabi Sync SDK, your users’ Core Data persistent stores will silently and transparently be kept in sync across multiple devices and even across multiple platforms.

    Wasabi Sync monitors your existing Core Data persistent store and watches for when your application makes changes to it. When changes occur, Wasabi Sync serializes the changes and sends them securely over the cloud to the Wasabi Sync servers. Those changes are then propagated to the user’s other devices and written to their respective persistent stores. Wasabi Sync requires almost no code changes to integrate with your app.

    Oracle’s Mobility Architecture and Development Framework

    Speaker: Mustafa Rahimi

    Oracle ADF Mobile is a Java and HTML5-based mobile development framework that enables developers to build and extend enterprise applications for iOS and Android from a single code base. Based on a hybrid mobile architecture, ADF Mobile supports access to native device services, enables offline applications and protects enterprise investments from future technology shifts. Please join us for an interactive presentation and demonstration of ADF Mobile!

    iOS In-App Purchase

    Speaker: Salvador Guerrero

    Ever wonder how in-app purchases internally work? In this talk you will learn the basis of in-app purchases, a working solution when you have hundreds of products to sell, etc. There will have source code example, questions and answers.
    Even though this is focused mainly for developers, non-developers are also welcome.

    More specific, here is what I’m going to talk about:
    • In-App Purchases?
    • Types of In-App Purchases.
    • How to show In-App Purchases.
    • Huge list of products? No problem.
    • Demo

    Mobile and Big Data: Dealing with the data deluge

    Speaker: Shekhar Vemuri

    With the explosion in the Mobile industry both in terms of applications and user adoption- there is potential for large amounts of data to be collected and generated. We will discuss a couple of options when it comes to implementing big data solutions to perform some interesting analysis. We will be covering some technology solutions that can enable you to perform not only basic reporting but also advanced analysis enabling you to provide personalization, recommendations and targeted experiences.

    Developing Apps for Microsoft Devices

    Speaker: Michael Palermo

    Whether you are interested in developing for Windows Phone, Windows 8 (8.1), or Xbox One, this session is for you! Learn how to get started, what type of skills are required, and how to monetize.